FACTORY | DongGuan Yili HaiTong Textile Co., Ltd
Yili HaiTong is an textile enterprise integrating woolen, new type fancy yarn, dye-works, design and R&D, and trade. 
There is a large woolen mill in Tongxiang, Xinchang, Zhejiang province. And professional sales and trade department in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Zhejiang Tongxiang Company occupies 50 mu of land, has a first-class factory building of 50000 square meters, equipped with a first-class factory building of 50000 square meters, which boasts 22 sets of the world’ s most advanced woolen equipment, such as octir100 inch from Italy and Kyowa 80 inch from Japan. A variety of yarns of various fibers can be produced, such as cashmere, dehair angora, merino wool, angora rabbit hair, chemical fiber and so on. We produce 10 tons of fine yarn every day.
Located in the beautiful hometown of Tang Poetry Road—Xinchang, Xinchang County Eliht Textile Co., Ltd. boasts the leading equipment of various fancy yarns in the industry, fine count woolen equipment and experienced R & D personnels, it adopts cashmere, Merino wool, silk and other high-quality natural fibers as raw materials. The R&D spinning 2/36Nm merino wool, cashmere, Angora rabbit hair, spring and summer fancy yarn, ground yarn and other new yarns. We produce 8 tons of fine yarn every day. 
Based in a well-known wool town in China, Dalang Town, Dongguan Eliht Haitong Textile Co., Ltd. has exhibition hall for professional yarns and ready-to-wear, it boasts independent export right of yarn, and equipped with a professional foreign trade sales team and perfect logistics and after-sales system, with 5,000 square meters of professional large warehouse, which realizes the real quick inventory.
In the meanwhile, we have reached cooperation with many professional hosiery mills to provide customers with customized samples, development and mass production of high-quality knitted clothing, so that you can get high-quality clothing at the best price!
We boast over 40 types of yarns products series, and prepares good in stock for over 3000 colors, and provides the real quick inventory. Every season, our design and R&D team will analyze the fashion trend, which develops high quality yarns and leads market trend. All of our products are eco-friendly and compatible for export and domestic sales, it can meet your needs regardless of color selection or quality requirements. Since we have the technology and capability of directly under the development of woolen and fancy yarns, we can provide you with “unique customized” services.